Book Cover Design

If you thought designing unique book covers is child's play, you can think again! At ebooktoepub, we specialize in designing excellent book cover designs that are not only superior, but have optimal design qualities. We strive to meet our client's specifications, keeping in mind specific requirements. Our team is highly qualified, and pays great attention to detail. Therefore, with a classic combination of personal service, professional design and affordable prices, we will help to your create book cover that will not only look ideal but will be perfectly priced too!

This is how we shall go about it:

  • We shall first note down your requirements
  • Our team will review and research on the design and images needed that will suit the theme of your book
  • Based on the findings, our team will then suggest the ideal image, design and font for your book cover

While sitting down to design the book cover, special emphasis is paid to the readability, user-impact and aesthetic appeal of the design. We employ specific, value adding software that will enhance the uniqueness of the book cover. Rather than going in for an intricate, heavy look and feel, we keep the design minimal to help the book cover have a rich, robust design, one that will make your book stand out from the crowd!

The importance of having a book cover cannot be understated. Have you not heard of "Judge a book by its cover"! Well, our satisfied customers love the way their book covers have been designed keeping in mind their requirements. What's more, we use a host of digital effects and imaging software to enhance the design and give it a contemporary, all-new feel. Our wish is that every client of ours should be satisfied with our service to the utmost. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us. So call us if you are interested in getting a unique, greatly designed book cover for your manuscript.