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Digital reading devices are widely used to explore books, newspapers, magazines in the fast growing publishing industry. At times publishers struggle to create book formats compatible from tablet pc to a mobile phone device. Apart from publishers, even authors who are looking to jump into the digital ebook adventure will be surprised by the wide range of book formats available.

To overcome this situation for publishers and authors, ebook to epub offers conversion for any form of book, from hard copy to soft copy into ebook and epub format. Why not convert your favorite book into ebook, epub or Kindle format. Our experts, who have extensive knowledge of book layout and design help you customize the book format. Ebooks are created with regards to table of contents, foot notes, end notes, references, images and all you can imagine to embed into the book to be read on your favorite device. Using our epub conversion services one can achieve;

  • Professional ebook and epub creation
  • Manual epub conversion process
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Free validation check
  • Quality conversion for Amazon and Apple store market

eBook Services

Find below an overview of ebook conversion services we offer;

eBook to ePub Conversion Process

ePub being globally accepted as a standardized ebook format can be read on devices and readers like Apple iPad, Sony eReader, Nook Reader, Kobo Reader etc. Almost every device apart from Amazon Kindle can read books in ePub format. With the release of wide range of devices, .epub has become one of the leading book formats. There are several software and online tools available which can convert your existing book format into .epub, but to be sure it won't be up to expectations. We at ebook to epub, manually craft each book and its process to signify clients need and fulfill their requirements. How the conversion process works is;

  • You send us the book, virtually in any format by emailing us at info@ebooktoepub.com
  • Along with the book, send us the desired book cover. If not, we can create one for you
  • We manually convert few pages of the book as a sample, including cover, introduction, preface and content for review
  • Once the format is approved, we provide a competitive quote (usually starts from as little as US$ 0.12 per page)
  • Final product is verified by epubcheck for errors
  • For a reasonable number of pages, our turnaround time is no more than 48 hours

It's your chance, Act now

For all those who like gadgets and want to use it for books as well, have come to the right place. We will convert your favorite book to ePub format, to make it look good and increase reading experience. If you are an author or publisher, our converted books will be cooked ready to be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBook store.

What do you get?

  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Our ePub Conversion services will deliver an attractive detail which can be more impressive than your existing book
  • ePub with Table of Contents, References and Notes, which enables easy navigation throughout the reading
  • A Validated ePub ready to be published and sold at any market place that sells Books

Feel free to Contact us or send an email to info@ebooktoepub.com