Low Cost eBook Conversion

Basic text conversion (word, InDesign package or readable PDF) to .mobi and ePub for 300 pages or 70,000 words will cost around $63.00 (fixed-cost). If your requirement is for more pages, please contact us at info@ebooktoepub.com

Our pricing is fair and straight. eBook Conversion rates start from as low as $ 0.12 per page and increases depending upon complexity of the book. Find full details below;

Basic Book
$0.12 per page, as this book will contain text with no multimedia, images or graphics

Advanced Book
$0.20 per page, as this book will cater images and text, where text will perform a major part comparing to multimedia

Complex Book
$0.27 per page, this kind on book will have optimized table of contents, internal linking, footers and end notes, images, graphs and content formatting, using CSS style-sheet to control formatting of the book From above you will find that our prices are quite reasonable then other competitors offering eBook conversion services.

Note: Currency $ refers to US$ and above per page pricing are just for a fair indication. In order to get an accurate quote, kindly contact us and opt for a Free Trial.